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Blairgowrie Hub

The Hub is developed from an idea from Graphite Web Solutions and the initiative of The One Voice Office in Blairgowrie. The sole purpose of the Hub is to provide one place for people to go to find out what Blairgowrie & Rattray has to offer in terms of:

Listings are provided free and clubs will be allowed to include 1 page of information as well as add their own events to the What's On calendar.

Graphite Web Solutions reserve the right to discuss listings with The One Voice office and can refuse to include any listing if they deem it not to be in the interest of the Community as a whole.


One Voice provided £250 (inc VAT) to kick start the website and will continue to provide a nominal £60 (inc VAT) per year to maintain their presence as joint partners on the site. The site is solely owned by Graphite Web Solutions who provide the annual hosting and expertise to support and maintain the content and functionality for the Blairgowrie and Rattray Community. No other funding is provided nor received.

Commonly Asked Questions

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1. Who is listed on here?


Our aim is to list EVERY community Group/Club/Sports club within Blairgowrie and Rattray with at least:

  • Group name
  • The name of the main point of contact 
  • Phone number of contact

2. What if I can't find someone on here?

A: If you know there is a group/club etc missing then either send us their details or ask them to contact us.

3. How do I add a listing?

A: If you are a community group owner/leader/chairperson etc, then please use our form to add your details and we can add them for you.  It doesn't cost anything to have a listing.

4. What are the Newsletters?


A key element of The Blairgowrie Hub is to keep people informed about what there is, what is going on and to be able to contact the people in the Community.  We have therefore created the following mailing lists:

  • Community What's On Newsletter - sent monthly to let you know what is coming up in the next month - you can sign up here.
  • Community Group/Club Owners - a mailing list allowing us to contact all Community Group owners listed on the site perhaps to pass information from the Community Council etc.  We will manually add these when we add the clubs/groups to the website.

We will not pass your details onto anyone!

5. How (on earth) will we keep the site up to date?


Great question - glad you asked! The key thing is getting the information on here in the first place so if something is missing then let us know!

We will use a Customer Relationship Management system and email newsletters - in simple terms, the website will remind us every 3 months to email EVERY group/club etc contact and ask them to confirm their details are correct.  If they don't reply, we will phone them to check.  If they don't reply then we'll phone their back up number!  If there is no response then we'll remove the group/club!

Hopefully that'll be enough to keep it current!

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